Zetta is a Data Centre located in Colombia, in Zona Franca de Bogota, along with five other data centers built by GRUPO ZFB. which make up a white space facility of 74,000 sq. ft.


  • Colombia’s data center white space offer
    exceeds 225,000 sq. ft. 85% located in Bogota.

  • In 2020, Colombia was ranked fourth best location to set up a data center in Latin America by Investment Monitor.

  • Frost & Sullivan anticipate that by 2021 it will be the third largest data center market in the region, with a share of 8.4%, which is expected to grow to 9% by 2022.
  • Colombia is located in a geographical area that enjoys constant temperature throughout the year. Climate variations depend on the city's altitude above sea level.

  • The World Economic Forum's "Energy Architecture Performance Index 2017" ranked
    Colombia first in Latin America and eighth in the world.

  • Colombia continuously develops projects aimed at ensuring energy efficiency. Last year, 529 power generation projects were undertaken, totaling an installed capacity of up to 15,771 MW.
  • Colombia’s 14 submarine cables ensure connectivity, speedy data transmission and data stability.

  • Colombia was one of the first countries in the world to pass a law on cybersecurity, as a national commitment. Act 1273 covers issues such as data interception or destruction, use of malicious software or illegal access to personal information.