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Data Center Zetta Energía
Data Center Zetta Carrier Neutral
Data Center Zetta Free Cooling
Data Center Zetta PUE 1.4
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High Energy Efficiency

Zetta Data Center Complex is designed and built to achieve a PUE of 1.4 at Full Load.

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Higher Connectivity

14 broadband communications providers

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Free Cooling System

Cooling system n+1 configuration compliant with the Uptime Institute standards for TIER III Data Centers.

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High efficiency, redundant power suply

Its design, along with its equipment technology, allows it to reach a PUE of 1.4 at full load enabling high energy efficiency.

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  • Fire resistant walls in all critical areas. Up to 2-hour protection.
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system in all its areas following the strictest international standards.
  • Ultraviolet cameras for early flame detection.
  • Implementation of firewalls in the area where power supply units are located, and in the event of a fire outbreak, isolate the area, protecting other equipment.
  • VESDA Particle Increase Detection System activates early alarms in the event of a possible fire outbreak in high impact areas.


  • Honeywell BMS platform which connected to the equipment makes up the technological infrastructure, centralizes alarm management and monitors main parameters such as power use.
  • More than 3,000 variables are monitored online through a network which connects all the equipment that make up the technological infrastructure and allows its monitoring from the NOC control room.
  • Ticket generation and tracking system to control maintenance work.


Security features provided by Zona Franca Bogota and those of Zetta Data Center Complex guarantee a secure environment.

Double-mesh perimeter fence fitted with movement sensors around Zona Franca Bogota.

Pedestrian and vehicle access monitored by an automated registration system for employees and visitors entering Zona Franca Bogota.

First security ring in contact with National Police.

Biometric verification control for white space access.

CCTV surveils common areas and perimeter ring inside the facilities.

Security personnel availability. (24/7/365)

Security guard at Data Center Reception.

TYCO CCTV made up of high-definition cameras, including technology to record body temperature at Data Center reception area.