State-of-the-art free cooling system make it possible to take advantage of Bogota's climate to reduce the Data Center´s carbon footprint and energy consumption. It allows temperature and humidity control in IT areas, even in the event of a power failure during the transfer to power plants.

Cooling system n+1 configuration compliant with the Uptime Institute standards for TIER III Data Centers.

Free cooling technology takes advantage of Bogota´s location and altitude (8,530 ft ) averaging low temperatures throughout the year, which generate high levels of efficiency and low energy consumption.

Modular growth (152 kW / 304 Kw) of the Data Center rooms enables independent investment in equipment for each area, improving investment flow, allowing better leasing rates.

“The critical cooling of the load stored by the ZETTA Data Center will be run by Vertiv through the use of dry cooler technologies in free cooling operation mode, allowing to cool down white spaces directly. This enables to take advantage of the Data Center’s location in Bogota and achieve high efficiency in energy consumption.
“Vertiv's cooling system offers high availability, efficient cooling which maximizes resources, quick adaptability climate control, and scalability. Thus, as the number of users increases, the system will continue to operate correctly” says.

Jose Joaquin Castillo
VERTIV Applications Engineer