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Why are data centers essential in the 4th Industrial Revolution?

We are immersed in the 4th industrial revolution, also called “automation revolution”, which has already modified, to a high degree, the way we work and interact, in transition to new production systems. In this article, we will refer to the role of Data Centers (DC) as agents of change, the importance of their services and their location.

The need for transformation

Industry 4.0 has raised the need for companies to transform digitally, even more so in the context of the current pandemic. Now is the time for them to accelerate this process in order to maintain their responsiveness and quickly adapt to new paradigms. 

In this scenario, where virtual activities play a key role, and with the resulting increase in cloud service demand, data centers’ support is essential to offer enhanced efficiency.

But, to achieve this, the industry needs a robust technological communications infrastructure, with sound systems and processes that provide the right support for a growing demand.

The value of Data Centers

During the pandemic, Data Centers have managed to support high levels of demand, assisting the global economy, and facilitating the change towards online services for businesses that were overwhelmed by the new digital consumption habits.

However, Industry 4.0 goes beyond that. This is the time when adopting MultiCloud and 5G networks will impact on the need for Data Centers with more storage capacity and able to provide a higher speed, to download large content, and for more frequent downloads.

Also, latency is foreseen to decrease, forcing DCs to be set up close to users, and making it necessary to update their network infrastructure to efficiently handle the new demands*.

Hence, it is essential for businesses to prioritize the availability of a Data Center which facilitates a reliable and affordable service delivery, with communication servers and network connections that enable smooth operation management.

Modern Data Centers should be spaces where companies’ essential information is processed with increasingly higher security, speed, and efficiency. Thus, those who host their sensitive information in Data Centers will achieve higher performance through their ability to react quickly and at all times to an ever-evolving environment.


Latin America Outlook

The rise in digital consumption and changes driven by Industry 4.0 have boomed in Latin America, impacting the implementation of Data Centers in this region. 

According to GlobalWebIndex, a research firm, Data Center market growth rate in Latin America stands at 15%. Also, the International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that by 2022, over 90% of businesses in the world will depend on a cloud combination, adding to the premise that the demand for these services is exponentially growing. 

Particularly in Colombia, Data Centers play a fundamental role in the region, as Colombia is one of the best interconnected countries in Latin America. Among existing DCs, those located in the Zona Franca de Bogota, recognized as the fourth best in the world, hosting the largest epicenter of companies and industries in Colombia, positioning it as the leader in terms of competitive rates and incentive investment, thanks to their tax-free system.

Wholesale Data Center

In this sector, the integrated offer of the Zetta DC Complex is based on the concept of Edge Computing and Fog Computing for Cloud companies seeking to provide their services in Colombia. It is equipped with the required infrastructure to provide IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning services, and a low latency service portfolio.

Zetta DC is a Data Center complex which is currently in its last phase of construction, supported by Grupo ZFB. It is located in the Zona Franca de Bogota, with TIER IV design characteristics in a TIER III data center, certified by the Uptime Institute.

This complex stands out for its 4,560 square meters of available white space, high energy efficiency, scalability and optimum levels of connectivity, and leading-edge security. It also provides access to specialized technical support through local and multinational companies.

In short, Industry 4.0 is facilitating the coordination between systems, machines, and people. Therefore, the rise in consumption of digital data is the main feature of digital transformation. This means that Data Centers in Latin America face a scenario which offers a wide margin for growth.

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*Source: JLL Data Center Outlook, Year End 2018.


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