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5 benefits of Data Centers in Zona Franca de Bogota

Today, the rise in digital consumption and the resulting demand for data have caused a large expansion of Data Centers in Latin America, allowing companies to find a place to store their sensitive information under high security and connectivity standards. 

According to the Arizton report on Data Centers´ market in Latin America, a 5.69% growth is expected between 2019 and 2025, under a compound annual growth rate (CAGR), only in IT infrastructure (Servers, Storage and Networking).

Likewise, a rise in the acquisition of DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solutions is expected for the entire management of the operation, as well as Edge-type Data Center deployments to support the growing demand for mobile devices, fast information exchange and IoT applications. 

In a market hungry for new business models and strategic projects supported by ongoing technological updating, the expansion of Data Centers is already a fact. As a result, this technological segment shows significant growth figures in the economies of Latin American countries.


Data Center challenges

In this context, the Data Center industry faces the challenge of adopting new technologies and processes to meet consumers’ needs. And, at the same time, it must be competitive and offer benefits that support its potential to meet the needs of a world increasingly dependent on data, powerful information technology and connectivity.

This sudden growth forces the industry to be capable of managing various environments, offering enough space to support all businesses, high cooling levels and, above all, energy efficiency. 

It is equally important to have a strategic geographic location providing high service availability, fast connection to the city and security, and nearby firefighter and police stations. 

In Colombia, one of the best places for data center complexes is Zona Franca de Bogota. This area was chosen as the fourth best Free Trade Zone worldwide and the most important in the Latin American region. 

It stands out as one of the main Data Center hubs in the region; it is the place chosen by large global e-commerce businesses to settle, as it offers unique benefits in terms of costs, connectivity, security, and availability.



Why should you choose Zona Franca de Bogota?

  1. Geographic location: Colombia works as a hub for the Americas since it is strategically located at the heart of the continent. Besides, its weather contributes to energy efficiency.

  • Investment incentives: The Free Trade Zone regime is VAT-exempt and duty free for imported goods, equipment and supplies and also for those bought in Colombia and provides an income tax incentive that promotes project profitability.

  • Accessibility: Its location offers easy access to specialized technical support from local and multinational businesses.

  • Wholesale:  There are Data Center complexes designed for wholesalers, with white spaces, state-of-the-art technology, and energy efficiency.

  • Connectivity: Optimum levels of digital connectivity with 4 submarine cable nodes and 14 broadband providers.

Digital transformation and process acceleration allow for faster innovation. The Data Center industry is taking advantage of this by taking a path which allows it to achieve more mature information technology infrastructures in order to meet client´s expectations. 


Learn more about Zetta DC, Grupo ZFB’s Data Center complex.


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